Revenue Leakage is typically associated with improper system integration from various DATA points, whether it be improper billing and payments or lack of collections. Enterprises spend a majority of their IT Operating and Capital Expenditures on trying to plug the integration holes.

Our Finance and Technology transformation experience has taught us that, while those integration holes are definitley costly, the real drain comes from Customer Attrition due to improper Engagement. Our experts will govern your transormation by focusing on the most import factor of your business - Your Customers.

BOSS Delivers Solutions to STOP your Revenue Leakage

PAYMENT & COLLECTION Services should NOT be designed and deployed with a narrow scope of simply Receiving Revenue. There are many more factors involved in retaining customers and expanding your product offering to stave off customer attrition.

Oracle has the industry-leading framework to address Revenue Leakage caused by: Unbilled Services, Concessions or Discounts, Poor Data, Improper Product Offerings, Failed Product Bundling, Inability to Govern Service Level Agreements, System Constraints, and Delays in Onboarding.

Payment & Collection Solutions

  • Track Payment, Credit and Collections Activities
  • Minimize Write-offs
  • Multiple Payment Methods (mobile, email, online, etc)
  • Collection Case Strategy & Allocation
  • Collection Controls
  • Promise to Pay
  • Action Results

Oracle’s patented real-time billing, payment and collection technologies give service providers unmatched flexibility supporting their business requirements for diverse customer segments. These systems provide multi-currency financial management, accounts receivable, general ledger, taxation, payment processing, payment terms, collections, and dunning capabilities.

Settlement Methods

Automated Clearing House (ACH) & Real Time Gross Settlements(RTGS)

Oracle settlement features offer service providers tools to share revenues with and pay, or collect royalties from other 3rd party service or network providers and content or media partners. Sophisticated customer and partner relationships may also be created within these billing systems. This capability enables partner settlements to be extended beyond simply sponsorship models to rich multi-level value chains as are now seen in the wholesale, content and emerging Machine-to-Machine (M2M) businesses.

Contact BOSS Technologies if you want an Oracle partner dedicated to Payment & Collection solutions.

Subject Matter Expertise

Payment & Collections

Oracle Financial Service offerings

  • Banking
  • Equity Markets
  • Payment Processing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail