Oracle Revenue Management & Billing

Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing maximizes the efficiency of the billing process by providing a robust platform for calculating revenue and creating invoices for fee based services.

ORMB also optimizes favorable customer pricing with what-if analysis for negotiating rates. It includes a billing calculation engine that accepts information from processing systems such as Automated Clearing House (ACH) and other types of payment systems, and applies pricing methods and rules to create customer invoices as well as the associated financial transactions for your general ledger.

The Revenue Management and Billing platform provide open interfaces for accepting payment transactions from customers to create and inquire upon current customer balances. It supports flexible configuration of customer and product hierarchies to allow you to create invoices in accordance with your contract and pricing agreements.

Oracle Revenue Management and Billing offers these core benefits to Maximize the Revenue Lifecycle:

  • Create a single instance across multiple lines of business and products
  • Extendable data model enables user-defined, attribute-based pricing rules
  • Perform specialized accounting and allocations
  • Deployment on-premise or software as a service

Revenue Management and Billing has the following Industry Specific Benefits to Maximize the Revenue Lifecycle:

ORMB: Banking Services

Revenue Management and Billing has Banking modules pre-loaded to add out-of-box-benefits for commercial banking and capital market enterprises. This enables corporate and retail banks to balance product-based and relationship-centric pricing driving these benefits:

  • Drive dynamic pricing and fee structures
  • Aggregate customer relationships to provide a single view of the customer
  • Demonstrate a higher degree of transparency for ease of compliance
  • Automate exception management and discounting processes
  • Improve time to market

ORMB: Insurance & Healthcare Services

Revenue Management and Billing has Insurance and Healthcare modules pre-loaded to add out-of-box-benefits for Healthcare Payers. These modules help Healthcare Payers to Capitalize on new Markets, Respond to Legislation, and Improve Operational Efficiency with these benefits:

  • Improve customer satisfaction with timely, accurate billing
  • Manage multiple lines of business on a single billing platform
  • Supports exchange and individual billing, group billing, ASO billing, stop loss, and more
  • Business rules-driven engine for premium calculations may be maintained through configuration by business users
  • Minimizes cost and risk with HIPAA-compliant cloud solutionScales to meet the demands of even the largest Healthcare Payer's volume

ORMB: Payment Processing Services

Revenue Management and Billing has Payment and Merchant Service modules pre-loaded to add out-of-box-benefits for Payment Processors. These modules enable traditional payment processors, card schemes, merchant acquirers, and disruptors to process a high volume of transactions with these benefits:

  • Pricing, billing, settlement, residuals, and incentives on a single platform
  • Pricing standardization and hierarchy
  • Flexible pricing capabilities to enable expansion and cross-sell
  • Manage merchant AR/AP through a single system

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