Oracle Customer Care & Billing

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) is a modern Customer Information System that is designed to meet the needs of all utilities now and into the future. It is a complete billing and customer care application that handles every aspect of the customer lifecycle, from service connection to payments processing and everything in between.

Advances in technology, evolving customer expectations, and changing regulations are constantly reshaping the utility industry. Utilities need a Customer Information System (CIS) that not only meets their needs now, but also positions them for future flexibility as their needs evolve.

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing is a complete, integrated CRM and billing application with work order functionality.

CC&B gives every staff member a 360-degree view of customer and premise data. It helps you develop rates and ensures that every customer gets a correct bill. It administers conservation loans and rebates. It manages options like prepayment, consolidated billing, third-party payment, direct debit, and billing. The extensive credit and collections abilities ensure that you receive revenue due.

Customer Care and Billing handles various Industry Segments within Utilities to Maximize the Revenue Lifecycle.

CC&B: Electricity Segment

Customer Care and Billing is a next generation Electic Utility platform that collects and analyzes Millions of DATA points generated by Smart Meters, Grid Sensors and Field Engineers. Electric Utilities need customer satisfaction and operational efficenty to succeed - CC&B offers these benefits:

  • Integrate Customer and Operational Data
  • Improve Services and Grid Performance
  • Leverage Big Data & Analytics
  • Business Intelligence for Utilities

CC&B: Natural Gas Segment

Customer Care and Billing solutions allow Natural Gas companies to design extremely flexible business processes that enable demand-side management response programs that conserve energy and help commercial and industrial customers maintain competitiveness through these features:

  • Advanced Metering Infrastrcuture (AMI)
  • Smart Grid Gateway
  • Work and Asset Management
  • Mobile Workforce Management

CC&B: Water Segment

Customer Care and Billing provides a platform for Water Utility companies to combat the customer and environmental challenges posed by growing populations, changing climate and aging infrastructure. Water utilities need the flexibity offered with these benefits found in CC&B:

  • Regulatory Mandate Management
  • Meter-to-Bill Operations
  • Proactive Conservation Methods
  • Meter Maintenance

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