BOSS Technologies transforms traditional billing systems that have rigid architectures limiting the flexibility required to compete with changing market conditions and stringent network requirements of real-time transactional processing. Our expertise governs the enterprise roadmap to scalable architectures.

It takes a specialized team composed of dedicated billing experts that know how to deliver solutions for Enterprises with Customer Install Bases in the Tens of Millions.

These complex billing systems comprise batch applications that collect and aggregate all rated events and perform a number of end-of-cycle activities. During the course of the billing period, similar charges are aggregated in “bill items” of cycle fees or usage charges for every customer.

Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF) and Application Integrated Architecture (AIA) provide powerful, flexible platforms to manage complex billing needs in rapidly changing markets across multiple industries. These solutions offer another way to supplement an insufficient legacy billing application that cannot be changed.


  • Automated Billing Processes (Batch & Real-Time)
  • Contract Billing Management
  • Bifurcated Billing
  • Invoice Creation and Integration

  • Bill Calculations Applying Discounting and Taxation
  • Dynamic Identification and Resolution of Billing Issues
  • Ensure Billing Accuracy
  • Reduce Batch Billing Process Time

  • Tailored Billing Cycles & Formats to Fit Customer Needs
  • Customer Driven End Dates for Billing Cycles
  • Dynamically Present Consumption Graphs
  • Multiple Bill Methods (mobile, email, online, etc)

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