Revenue Management and Billing systems are The Heart of Enterprsie. The Heart cannot function without the main arteries pumping the right DATA at the right TIME. A competitive marketplace has driven large Mergers & Acquistions across all industries. The most challenging aspect of accomplishing these child-to-parent rollups is the consolidation of Key Financial Applications across the organizations.

Integration and Consolidation are time and capital consuming projects. Success depends on the commitment of change across all stakeholder lines of buiness.


BOSS has built our reputation on our ability to untangle the spaghetti architecture left from legacies past. We lead our Integration efforts by governing the enterprise roadmap and assessing the solution architecture needed to assure that the Revenue Management and Billing systems have transparent drill-down capabilities.


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Subject Matter Expertise


Oracle Financial Service offerings

  • Banking
  • Equity Markets
  • Payment Processing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail