BOSS Technologies has specialized teams dedicated to the Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Utility and Telecommunication industry sectors. Our teammates are actively involved with the product communities improving the next generation Oracle framework and architecture in the CLOUD.

Oracle offers Industy specific solutions for Revenue Management and Billing systems. The names of the product offering vary based on the applciation frameworks tailored towards the business objectives of that particular industry.

Financial & Banking Services

WE Design Business Processes and deploy the technology that support FINANCIAL SERVICES from Banking and Captial Markets to Payment Processing. Our expertise is built upon the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Financial Applicaitons General Ledger, Accounts Recievables and Accounts Payables. Revenue Management and Billing (RMB) applications deploy industry specific Financial processes.

Insurance & Healthcare Services

WE Deliver Customizable Product Offerings, complex usage models and bifurcated billing rules for INSURANCE and HEALTHCARE SERVICES. Digitizing the next generation of records and risk management for these industries is our specialty. Revenue Management and Billing (RMB) applications share revenues with and pay, or collect royalties from other 3rd party service or network providers.

Utility Services

WE Digitize millions of metered DATA points across Utility Segments to offer the BEST post-pay product offerings. Customers need Real-Time information about their metered services. Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) applications use Big Data Analytics to provide Customer Care operators with the information they need to service their customers and stave off attrition.

Telecommunication Services

WE Deploy Communication Solutions for the leading voice, data and video providers globally. This industry has a lot of customer attrition due to the competive landscape. Account, Service and Contract fulfillment is critical to the survival of these enterprises. Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) systems driven by Oracle's Application Integration Architecture (AIA) is designed for the demands of COMMS.

Retail & Commerce Services

WE Develop Customer Experiences that engage across the DIGITAL and DATA platforms of RETAIL and COMMERCE. Whether your enterprise is a brick and mortar Retailer or an online eTailer you must meet the demands of your customers in mobile-first economy. Revenue Management and Billing (RMB) systems give you the tools to manage, manipulate and multiply your product catalog to compete globally.

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Subject Matter Expertise

Vertical Industires
& Market Segments

  • Banking
  • Equity Markets
  • Payment Processing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail